We believe that our purpose in media has a tremendous impact in worship.  Our goal is to provide a quality sound for music, singing and speaking.  A visual video projection adds to the impact of your experience.


Our live microphone audio streams are mixed with the Yahama PGX32 sound board. Video and image projection is produced with Media Shout 6.0 software with two Ben-Q 3,200 lumen projectors. Our video live feed broadcast engine is built on three Canon G40 HD cameras, one PTZ Optics HD camera, one Huddle PTZ joy stick controller, one Roland S1-SDI live video mixer, and one Makie 4 channel audio mixing board.  The video is controlled and distributed via V-Mix software to Facebook, our website and several locations in our facility.


Our technical staff are volunteer.  If you have talent in any of these areas, sound, video or photography, your help is needed. If you would like to learn and be a part of the team, you are welcome to join.  Your talent with computers is very beneficial also, where we edit and maintain our Church web site.