Who are we?

 We are a mission in progress to uplift women.  To train and disciple them to spiritual maturity.  We purposely strive to be mature in our faith, to love our families and support the ministry efforts of the church.

Serve in this ministry

Getting  involved in this ministry is very simple, just get started.  They are many areas that could use your talents and services. One example is the annual ladies luncheon.  Each year brings larger crowds, over 150 in attendance.  Each women celebrated the spiritual unity of being together, encouraged and challenged to be a great women for God.  If you are committed to the cause of Christ, and to reach the world with the Gospel, then this is the place for you. They are many other area also.  The fall festival, arts and craft fair, Christmas boxes, and vacation bible school.  Some women are lead to start a new outreach as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Bible Studies

Weekly bible studies for spiritual growth are offered throughout the year.  Some classes are in a special series format and run for several weeks. 

Mission Outreach

Local outreach to church members who are “shut-ins”.  Women and families in need of shelter, food, medical and financial help.