Our worship style is traditional hymnal with a mix of modern Christian praise and worship tunes.  Since God created all things in the universe we conclude that our musical efforts to Glorify His Name are present in, and through the gifts of singing and the playing of instruments.
“Then David and all the house of Israel played music before the Lord on all kinds of instruments of fir wood, on harps, on stringed instruments, on tambourines, on sistrums, and on cymbals.” 
(2nd. Sam. 6:5) NKJV  Our gifted musicians lead the worship service through choirs, praise teams, vocal specials, and instrumental solos.  Our goal is not to perform for ourselves and the world, but to worship and praise our God. Congregational singing embraces the Word of God going forth with expressions of joy.  We also are privileged to have other gospel music groups share in our worship services several times a year. 
The most important part or our service is the preaching of the Word of God.  Pastor Hensley’s style is expository, verse by verse. He believes that biblical truth is relevant today which leads us to be faithful servants; strong families, and witnesses. The sermon outlines are presented on our two large projection screens for your convenience in taking notes.