Hear the story of Kok Ksor as he describes the events of his journey to America.  During the Vietnam War he witnessed the atrocities that his people endured from the North Vietnamese Army.  He was wounded and captured, and  was sentenced to be executed for his stance against the invasion.  But a miracle of God’s grace was upon him and his family.  He was delivered, and he and his family were granted assylum to America.
Today Kok  is an advocate of his native people Montagnard (Degar) Vietnam.  He has testified before Congress and the United Nations on their behalf,  promoting human rights to the citizens of Vietnam.  He has started several churches in America for families of Vietnam.
Kok Ksor (born 1945 in Gia Lai Province, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam), is a member of the Jarai ethnic group and the President of the Montagnard Foundation, Inc., an organization, begun as an RSO at the University of Chicago, which states that its mission is to preserve the lives, rights and culture of the Montagnard people. Kok Ksor is also a member of the Transnational Radical Party (TRP), a non-government agency that investigates human rights abuses in the world.
Saigon to America


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