Rev. Adam Morgan

Worship/Family Ministry

          Since 1996, when the movie “Twister” premiered, I thought I wanted to be a meteorologist.  I studied weather for the first few years of college before God called me on a trip to Nicaragua in July 2006.  Since I was the only person with music experience I was encouraged to lead music for some of the church services.  As we were traveling back home two others and myself did not make it on the next flight due to baggage problems and were forced to spend the night in Miami.  While out to eat they asked me why I was not in the music ministry, having experienced my worship leading firsthand.  I began wondering the same thing and I prayed on that inquiry for a few days after returning home. While in Nicaragua I fell in love with leading music and seeing people worship even though I could not understand their language.  I knew that God put that trip and those people in my life for a reason.  That August, I applied at North Greenville University to study music.  To expand my musical knowledge while attending North Greenville I worked in music stores where I learned guitar, bass, drums and a little piano.
Today, I’m continuing the ministry and doing what God wants me to do.  I am happily married and have three wonderful children.  My wife teaches strings at Greer and Blueridge High School in Greenville County. She plays violin and cello and uses those talents for the Lord.  For many years she played in the orchestra at First Baptist Spartanburg.  She now plays along side me during the worship services and it has added so much to the service. Adam has now been serving as 0ur Worship and Family Life Pastor since 2020.